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Coil springs are a fundamental component of a vehicle's suspension system. The vast majority of modern suspension systems consist of coil springs working in conjunction with the vehicles shock absorbers to provide load carrying, comfort and road-holding capabilities necessary for everyday driveability.

Springs that are too hard or too soft will both effectively cause the vehicle to have no suspension at all. Vehicles that commonly experience suspension loads heavier than normal have heavy or hard springs with a spring rate close to the upper limit for that vehicle's weight. This allows the vehicle to perform properly under a heavy load when control is limited by the inertia of the load.

Why replace springs?

Springs are generally replaced for the following reasons:

Vehicle height 

  • To lower the height for cosmetic enhancement.
  • To maintain the vehicle's standard factory height if the original springs have sagged.
  • To raise the height should additional ground clearance be required.

Load carrying 

  • Modern vehicles demand a comfort premium and therefore the spring rate tends to be soft and not capable of carrying increased loads.


  • By increasing the spring rate and lowering the centre of gravity uprated coil springs can reduce body roll and greatly enhance a vehicle's handling capability.


Autolign offer a range of high quality spring brands, which together represent the widest range of coil springs available in the market today.


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